Do you throw away your pop cans? 
We collect cans to assist our youth to go to camp.  Please consider giving your cans to us.  We will even pick them up! (Call Mike Roat @ 543-3508)  Or bring them to the church - Alex Roat will assist you.
Sermon Schedule

     AM Service Schedule 2021

Nov 7
God's Resting Place  Psalm 132

Nov 14
Jim Book

Nov 21 Thankful for Brotherly Unity Psalm 133

Nov 28 In the Meantime  Isiah 2:1-5 
Advent #1

Our Church Family
Church of the
Up Coming Events 2021

Nov 6 Movie
God's Compass 6PM at Park District Gym

Nov 15
Board meeting 4PM

Nov 17
Steel Building Arrives today

Nov 18
Thanksgiving Dinner 6PM
Special speaker: Pastor Burt Clarke

Nov 25
Calling All Men
We meet every Saturday morning for prayer
at 7:30 am followed by breakfast. All men
are welcome

Sermon Schedule

PM Service Schedule 2021

Nov 7
God's Compass
Movie 6PM at Park District Gym

Nov 14
Pastor Rick Burgard

Community Thanksgiving Service
at AG 6PM

Nov 28